PLANS to protect a cliff with a sea wall defence including new galvanised staircase at West Camps Bay, Downderry have been submitted to Cornwall Council under reference PA24/01326.

The work would take place beneath the rear gardens of two properties.

The cliff face is partially protected by several large granite blocks that sit directly on the beach at the base of the cliff. Because the granite blocks have not been laid on a solid foundation, or tied together, they are now starting to separate, increasing the ability for erosion to take place. The top of the cliff has also started to overhang and collapse in places.

The proposal seeks to reinforce and stabilise the existing natural cliff and prevent further erosion taking place through wave and wind action during winter storms. The plan is to construct a cliff protection wall in ‘precast legato concrete blocks’, which would provide the necessary protection from erosion.

It is in line with and similar to many other approved cliff protection applications along the Downderry-Seaton coastline all of which have been effective in the reduction of erosion. A bespoke galvanised staircase would provide access to the beach from the gardens and would replace existing concrete steps built in the late 1970s.