By WILLIAM BURT - Film Correspondent

I have been fairly busy of late and have got myself a little befuddled with the weeks, my original submission is actually for next week so have hastily rearranged this week’s piece for you.

Don’t worry the usual quiz is still involved, new film releases and plenty of event cinema news.

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New Releases

The Exorcist: Believer.

Angela and her friend Katherine disappear in the woods, only to return three days later with no memory of what happened to them. 

This unleashes a chain of events that will force Angela’s father Victor to confront this super evil and, in his terror and desperation, seek out the only person alive who has witnessed anything like it before, Chris  MacNeil. 

For the first time since the 1973 film, Ellen Burstyn reprises her iconic role as Chris MacNeil, who has been forever altered by what happened to her daughter Regan five decades before. 

The fiftieth anniversary of the extremely controversial original is this year and some venues will also be screening the original this coming month.

Pat’s Film Club

An American Werewolf in London

On the subject of horror tales, Pat’s Film Club have a horror weekend at The Plaza at the end of October. 

On October 29 is classic An American Werewolf in London. The cult hit has a real devoted following and it may be growing old gracefully the effects are still pretty impressive and somewhat gory. 

Two American students travel across Britain and a grisly encounter leaves them one undead and one bitten by a werewolf. As David refuses to accept his new dangerous state he travels to London, where the potential for absolute carnage, should he transform, is extremely high.

Disney’s 100th

The Princess and the Frog

The penultimate Disney 100 classic hits the big screen this weekend with recent unheralded great The Princess and the Frog.

A great selection of songs, a unique setting and some really lovely animation. I know a lot of people who really enjoy this film and are pleased it has been selected from the House of Mouse catalogue. 

I will always have a fondness for this film and it also was the subject of one of the best complaints I have received. A lady had to remove her daughter from the screening as the film was promoting voodoo, there were a few more details but that is the gist of the problem. 

A shame really as her daughter would have enjoyed the music. Perhaps after ten years that girl may get a chance to visit her local venue and watch the film in its entirety.

Event Cinema 

The Prince of Egypt: The Musical

Showing in cinemas on the October 19 and 22.

Based on the classic DreamWorks Animation film and featuring Stephen Schwartz’s “miraculous music” (Time Out) – including his Academy Award-winning song ‘When You Believe’ – and Sean Cheesman’s “astonishing choreography” (The Guardian), this epic, critically-acclaimed production with an original London cast and orchestra of more than 60 artists tells an inspiring tale of resilience and hope. 

Journey through the wonders of Ancient Egypt as two young men, raised together as brothers in a kingdom of privilege, find themselves suddenly divided by a secret past. 

One must rule as Pharaoh, the other must rise up and free his true people; both face a destiny that will change history forever. 

Filmed live at the Dominion Theatre in London, this spectacular stage show comes to cinemas for the first time.

Klimt and the Kiss: Exhibition on Screen

At the Plaza on October 31 and November 12.

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt is one of the most recognised and reproduced paintings in the world. It is perhaps the most popular poster on student dorm walls from Beijing to Boston. Painted in Vienna around 1908, the evocative image of an unknown embracing couple has captivated viewers with its mystery,          sensuality and dazzling materials ever since it was created. 

But just what lies behind the appeal of the painting – and just who was the artist that created it?

Delving into the details of real gold, decorative designs, symbolism and simmering erotica, a close study of the painting takes us to the remarkable turn of the century Vienna when a new world was battling with the old.

From the director of ‘Frida Kahlo’ and ‘Mary Cassatt – Painting the Modern Woman’ comes a powerful, gripping and passionate new film. From the producers of Vermeer: The Greatest Exhibition.

Johnny Cowling

A real live performance at The Lighthouse in Newquay as Cornish Entertainer and Radio Presenter Johnny Cowling returns to the Lighthouse stage for an evening of Live entertainment. 

Johnny Cowling has been delighting audiences for many years. His Cornish charm and quick wit make him an obvious choice of entertainment for his vocal talent and humour. 

Johnny is an entertainer who likes to get amongst the people during performances with a wealth of tales and yarns to spin. Johnny has a natural warmth that makes him popular to family audiences and adult audiences alike. 

His clear Cornish voice make every word (and song when singing) easy on the ear, yet still invigorating. Tickets are still available for the gig on the October 20.

This Week’s Quiz

Unexpected sequels will be the tenuous topic for this week’s quiz with Expend4bles, Saw X and The Exorcist: Believer all hitting in recent weeks. Here are a few very delayed or surprising movie sequels.

Question 1

The hit erotic thriller Basic Instinct somehow yielded a sequel but who reprised her role as Catherine Trammell? 

Question 2

Who played Annie in the original and also the sequel Speed 2: Cruise Control?

Question 3

I am not sure if the original was even warranted but Zoolander managed to even deliver a sequel in 2016 fifteen years after the first offering, but which actor played the title character?

Question 4

This one may have passed you by, but cult hit Donnie Darko spawned a sequel for his sister (S. Darko) but which actor played Donnie in the 2001 original?

Question 5

A good excuse to get the gang back together but after such a long wait a new sporting icon was required, who replaced Michael Jordan as the basketball star in Space Jam: A New Legacy?

A) Stephen Curry.     

B) Kevin Durant    

C) LeBron James

Question 6

A strange prequel with this follow up to Dumb and Dumber was rather misjudged but which two actors play Harry and Lloyd in the original?

Question 7

Blues Brothers 2000 was a musical follow up none of us expected. Who played Jake and Elwood Blues in the 1980 original movie?

Question 8

Wall Street received a 2010 follow up but who plays iconic character Gordon Gekko and who features as his daughter Winnie in the sequel?

Question 9

I did enjoy this sequel but it was a little out of the blue but in T2, the follow up to Trainspotting, which actors play Renton, Sick Boy and Begbie in both films?

Question 10

The original was a classic, but the sequel fell flat when Independence Day attempted a resurgence. Who played Captain Hiller, David Levinson, President Whitmore and First Lady Marilyn Whitmore in the 1996 Sci fi classic?


1 Sharon Stone returns in part 2. A dubious film which featured one of the oddest cameos with former Liverpool footballer Stan Collymore.

2 Sandra Bullock starred in both films, unfortunately the boat themed sequel was a rather damp squib compared to the originality of the first film.

3 Ben Stiller headed up the cast in the fashion comedy film.

4 Jake Gyllenhaal made a breakthrough in Donnie Darko.

5 C) LeBron James was the basketball star amongst Bugs Bunney and friends.

6 Jim Carrey was Lloyd and Jeff Daniels played Harry.

7 John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd were original Blues Brothers. John Goodman joined to head up cast alongside Aykroyd in the sequel.

8 Michael Douglas played Gordon Gekko whose ‘Greed is Good’ motto has become a famous movie quote. Carey Mulligan was estranged daughter Winnie.

9 Ewan McGregor, Jonny-Lee Miller and Robert Carlyle reprised their respective roles in the Scottish drama.

10 Will Smith was Hiller, Jeff Goldblum as scientist David, Bill Pullman played the president and Mary McDonnell was the First Lady.