IT is set to be all change at the top of Bodmin Town Council after a new mayor and deputy were elected by councillors.

Cllr Philip Cooper, the incumbent mayor of Bodmin opted not to stand again after a two-year tenure, with his deputy, Cllr Mike Barbery, also stepping down.

At the annual town meeting, held on Thursday, May 9, councillors chose who would succeed the duo.

Cllr Liz Ahearn is set to be the next mayor of the town, with Cllr James Burden chosen to be the deputy mayor.

The pair were elected to the positions by fellow councillors in a secret ballot, with both winning by a margin of eight votes to five.

Former mayor, Cllr Andy Coppin, stood against Cllr Ahearn in the ballot to be mayor, while Cllr Pete Skea was nominated to stand against Cllr Burden as deputy.

Upon announcing the results, Cllr Phil Cooper addressed councillors.

He said: “I’m a Bodmin boy born and bred and it has been an incredible honour to be mayor of my town. It has been a real honour and what a time to be mayor and be part of all that’s gone on in the town over the last two years. We’ve celebrated the Coronation [of King Charles III], we had the Queen’s Jubilee and everything in between and that particular sequence of celebrations and events isn’t likely to occur again.

“I want to thank everyone involved, the staff, and councillors for the work they’ve put in during the two years I have been mayor. But I also want to give a massive thanks and mention to the community, particularly the community groups and selfless individuals who have done and do incredible work. I am also grateful for the support shown to myself and Carolyn [his wife and mayoress], especially in the last two weeks, which I am thankful for and humbled by.

“I fully intend to continue supporting those groups in a non-mayoral capacity.”

At the meeting, the chairs of the various committees which comprise the town council were also elected.

Two of the committees have new chairs, while the other two remain in place for another year.

Cllr Hilda Blacklaw will become the chair of the town council’s community services committee with Cllr Jeremy Cooper chosen to chair the policy and resources committee.

Cllr Karen Phillips will continue to lead the estates committee with Cllr Pete Skea once again chairing the planning committee.

The mayor elect, Cllr Ahearn, said: “I do not have enough words to express my sincere thanks to councillors tonight in voting me to be the town’s mayor.

“It is a great honour to be elected and represent the town that I was born in and lived in all my life.”