St Columba & Torpoint Rugby Football Club has entered into a period of dormancy after the club's committee issued a statement.

In a letter sent out to members, the club described the season as “extremely challenging” from a “people, business, and environmental perspective.” 

Among these problems, the letter cites that “the club currently only has four active senior payers who are now linked to Plympton Victoria RFC to give them valuable playing opportunities and to retain them within the game.

“There are 30 age-grade players who are linking with Plymouth Albion RFC to get constructive training and games. 

“The club has been unable to fulfill the required 12 adult games against other RFU voting member clubs over the last two seasons and as a result, the club will be moved by default to non-voting status with the Rugby Football Union (RFU), whilst remaining a member of Devon RFU.” 

As well as this, the club’s home has also been a problem, having been unable to secure tenure of the site, and with proposals to develop on the site, the club would be expected to relocate which the committee says “would require significant investment to become a realistic and sustainable reality.

“The current player base is insufficient to support the operating costs of any new site. Costs at a new site would be far in excess of the current facility.”

As such, the club has been forced to announce that it will be placed in a “dormant state”. The club explains: “It is difficult to see how the club can continue to operate in its current guise. A decision has been reached to place the club in a dormant state, retaining Devon RFU membership and RFU non-voting status, whilst working in partnership with other local clubs to provide playing opportunities moving forward.”

Plans have been put in place to allow those involved continued access to local rugby. Senior players will move across to Plymouth Victoria, Mini, and Juniors will move to Plymouth Albion and volunteers can opt to join the mini and junior sections of Plymouth Albion if they wish. 

The local response to this announcement has not been positive, with many local residents taking online to express their frustrations. One Facebook user said: “I hope that the people responsible for this will hang their heads in shame.” While another wrote: “Every person that saw this coming and tried to stand and fight for what we had was ousted out! This club had been part of the community for over 100 years. Although we all saw this coming it was something that no one wanted to see.” And some reflections on what this means for the youth of the area: “This is a sad read…Torpoint needs to give our youth options.”