A new study has shown that more Brits - especially in Cornwall - are choosing to take a holiday in their own regions. 

This follows the trend of staycations, where 50 per cent of holidaymakers stayed in the UK rather than travelling abroad in 2022. 

The Valley, a provider of luxury holiday cottages in Cornwall, has reported that a third of their guests choose to both live and take holidays in the South West. 

The new trend, which The Valley has dubbed ‘countycations’, is based on practical reasons such as being more cost efficient and needing fewer travel arrangements. 

However, the research also showed that some of the top reasons why people choose to holiday in their own county include experiencing their area’s culture, making local relationships, and embracing the history of their region. 

Alex, owner of The Valley, commented: “Seeing people wanting to holiday in their own county to profoundly experience the rich history and culture is fantastic. 

“We are thrilled that more and more people are opting for adventures closer to home to really appreciate the wonders which can be found right on our doorsteps, cutting down the travel journeys and allowing for more time to simply relax and explore.”

Anna, from The Cornish Life travel blog, added: “For those looking for an adventure close to home, booking a Countycation is an amazing trend to jump on for 2023! 

“I have been so grateful to experience the beautiful county of Cornwall and have discovered so many wonderful places and people. 

“Exploring Cornwall has allowed me to become a passionate advocate of my county, hoping to inspire locals to visit areas they have never been before.”