A new study has revealed the areas across Britain where people are most likely to find their ‘forever home’ - and Cornwall is one of the South West’s top picks. 

Online Mortgage Advisor has analysed property ownership data from HM Land Registry from over the last three decades to discover where Brits live in and own their homes for the longest. 

The data shows that of all regions in the South West of England, Cornwall has the third highest average length of stay. 

In Cornwall, residents stay in their home for an average of ten years, ten months and five days. 

This is less than a month’s difference from the second highest South West area on the list, the Dorset, which has an average tenure of ten years and six months. 

It also has a year longer average than the South West average, which is nine years, ten months and 25 days, with the overall British average being ten years and two months. 

Looking at other factors that contribute to choosing a forever home, the study showed that people are likely to stay longer in a detached house than a semi-detached house, terraced home, or a flat. 

Paula Higgins, Chief Executive of HomeOwners Alliance, said that she believes that the local area is the defining factor when choosing a forever home. 

She said: “I think it’s not just the house, it’s definitely the community. People will choose to live longer in certain homes because they’re part of a community and they’ve got ties to the community.”

Matt Lanninge, property consultant, added: “The area is arguably more important for some. Some people wouldn’t live on a street they didn’t feel safe on, or was too busy, too quiet, or simply doesn’t reflect them.”