PROPOSALs for a 77-metre tall wind turbine on farmland at Pelynt were rejected by planners this week.

The application by John Philp, of Tremaine Farm, was dealt with by planning officials using delegated powers.

The proposal for the single 500kW turbine attracted 143 objections and four messages of support as well as two neutral comments.

Objectors said the turbine would dominate the surrounding landscape for many miles around, harm tourism and affect local properties.


An official report to the planners said that though there would be renewable energy benefits, the wind turbine's impact on its surroundings would not be acceptable.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defence was quoted in the report as saying that the turbine would lie 31.87km from the air traffic control radar at Wembury, near Plymouth, and that it would cause unacceptable interference.

The report added that were the turbine to be installed, the levels of noise and shadow flicker the blades would generate would not be unacceptable for people living next to the site.