TWINS from St Neot have excelled in their GCSEs despite one of them having to contend with an illness throughout.  

Kerensa Shaw and eldest sister (by one hour and one minute) Jessica both attended Liskeard School & Community College.  

Both sisters enjoy playing tennis and badminton with Liskeard Inclusive and for Cornwall. Together, they travelled to the Commonwealth games last year in Birmingham to help out on the courts in between matches. And just this year, they won the under 16’s badminton doubles title in Plymouth.

However, whilst Jessica was fighting off her younger brother’s at home to allow her to study at the kitchen table, Kerensa was fighting off an illness which left her in hospital. 

The illness had a huge impact on her studies, her father Jason explained: “It affected both her physical and mental health to some extent.”  

Despite bring in and out of hospital since May, Kerensa studied and revised hard, maintaining her badminton playing where possible. 

“Both Jessica, and Kerensa particularly, like maths and the sciences,” Jason continued. “GCSE results day was great for both Jessica and Kerensa. Jessica enjoyed going to the school to get her results, with her mum, Rowenna, and her school friends. Jessica was over the moon with her results.” 

Kerensa had her GCSE results personally delivered to her in hospital, by Mrs Sharp, her tutor and religious studies teacher. 

“Mrs Sharp very kindly offered to do this. It is not known whether it was the green, balloon dinosaur or the GCSE results which did the trick, but Kerensa’s face lit up at Mrs Sharp’s delivery.” Jason added.   

Both twins achieved almost all 9’s (A/A*).

Both Jessica and Kerensa are now looking forward to the Sixth Form at Liskeard School & Community College.