I SPENT February recess last week knocking on doors across the constituency to hear the views of local people in Gunnislake, Luxulyan, Polperro, Saltash and my home village of Millbrook.

I see this as a massively important part of my job where I can hear from an array of different people and listen to their views. I would also like to thank the volunteers that came out to support me. If anyone would like to contact me directly you can email me at [email protected] or call my office on 01579 344428 or write to Office of Sheryll Murray MP, The Parade, Liskeard PL14 6AF.

One of the issues that did come up a lot on the doorstep, especially in Saltash, was the cost of the tolls. I would like to thank the around 1,000 who have already signed the petition against any increase in tolls on my website which can be found at www.tollspetition.co.uk

On Thursday I did take a short break to see CAMP Theatre’s 30th-Anniversary Pantomime Sinbadaladdsin in Menheniot village Hall. The CAMP Theatre, which stands for Completely Amateur Menheniot Players, has been performing local shows since 1994. The production was really enjoyable and they certainly brought the story by Richard Lloyd, which features both Aladdin and Sinbad, to life. I would like to congratulate all involved both on and supporting the stage.

Many people have written to me asking that I support the Private Member’s Bill, the Pet Abduction Bill. This is the first Private Members Bill to go through committee in this Parliamentary session. The official title is: “a Bill to create offences of dog abduction and cat abduction and to confer a power to make corresponding provision relating to the abduction of other animals commonly kept as pets”. The Pet Abduction Bill will make dog and cat abduction a specific offence and make provisions against the abduction of other animals commonly kept as pets (such as ferrets). This legislation will also address the growing problem of pet theft and deliver part of Defra’s Action Plan for Animal Welfare (2021). As the owner of two precious cats who are definitely part of our family, I fully support this Bill and am pleased that the Government have also stated they support it.

On Monday we saw an announcement to crackdown on the use of mobile phones in schools, minimising disruption in classrooms to improve outcomes and provide a brighter future for children and young people. Schools are places for children to learn and mobile phones can be an unwanted distraction in the classroom. That is why the government are issuing new guidance today backing head teachers in prohibiting the use of mobile phones throughout the school day. The Government are providing our hard-working teachers with the tools they need to take action and improve behaviour, and taking the right long-term decisions to ensure all children receive the best possible education and brighter future.