DURING  a recent visit to Theatre Royal Plymouth, I was lucky enough to visit the magical world of  sand and spice, Agrabah, for the latest production of Aladdin.

This Disney production has been seen by over 14 million people worldwide and there's a good reason for it. 

After indulging in some Genie-tini’s and being wooed by a talented magician, it was time to sit down and enjoy the show – and oh boy what a show it was.

The set design was something out of this world - sparkling magical caves, scorching sand dunes, crystal palaces and even a real flying carpet! 

Each character was dressed from head to toe in dazzling Arabian outfits for each scene.  

And speaking of characters, Aladdin played by Gavin Adams, channelled his inner Prince Ali with excellence.

Desmonda Cathable who played Jasmine took to the stage in true Disney princess style and of course the legendary Genie, played by Yeukayi Ushae, stole the show with his fantastic humour and delivery – each actor was a perfect cast for their characters. 

This production was truly a blessing to the senses  – I couldn’t recommend it anymore.