BUSINESSES in Liskeard are bringing positivity to town as they give money back on customers’ parking. 

So far 55 retailers are taking part in the Liskeard Traders Association initiative. 

With signs up in the car parks and posters in participating windows, the scheme officially began on November 1, but some traders have already started and have been getting some great feedback. 

It’s not just about parking, as shoppers can also claim back their bus fare. 

“All you need to do is take a photo of your parking ticket, show the parking app on your phone, or bring in your bus ticket,” said Tracy Adams, deputy chair of the Traders Association. 

“The more you spend, the more you make — if people are visiting several shops they could earn back enough to cover the parking and treat themselves to a cup of tea and a bit of cake.” 

Each individual trader is setting their own minimum spend and rate of discount for the scheme. 

Owner of the Fat Frog cafe Marc Boylan said: “We started our money back scheme today and we were blown away by the goodwill and thanks that this tiny contribution had on many people. 

“Most of them ended up either placing their cash back in the staff tips jar or into the Royal British Legion collection box on the counter. 

“Everyone should be doing this – it will only help the town. It’s a great idea.” 

Meanwhile Little DVD Shop owner John Bond said he’d also had lots of positive feedback. 

He said that none of his customers so far had opted to take the 10% being offered on second hand games and consoles, but had instead chosen to put the money into the Blood Cancer charity collection in the shop. 

With a view to supporting local people doing their Christmas shopping, the money back scheme will run until the end of December – but with a lot of traders on board, it looks set to continue into 2024, said Tracy. 

New posters will be produced in the New Year, and the Traders Association has had help from Cornwall Councillor Nick Craker with the process of upgrading ticket machines in the car parks. 

As has been the case in previous years, a double ticket will be printed, the second of which will entitle the driver to money back in the shops – but the minimum spend will still be specified by each business, so as to make it as flexible as possible. 

Formalising the scheme in this way will enable the shops that are part of high street chains to take part, explained Tracy. 

However, customers will be still able to claim their discount in multiple independent shops around the town, rather than a one-off - making it a win-win for both traders and local people. 

“Liskeard has got a lot to offer,” she said, “and we want to put a positive vibe out there. “It’s us supporting our customers who in turn are supporting us – it’s like a circle of life and everybody is happy.”