Special award for courage

RAINBOWS, Brownies, Guides, Rangers and other members of the guiding movement celebrated Thinking Day on Friday.

The day, which celebrates the birthdays of the joint founders of the scouting movement, started at 8am at Saltash Guildhall when the world guide flag was hoisted by Corina Clements of 3rd Saltash guides, with escorts Nicola Edwards and Beth Carpenter from 2nd Saltash guides.

A second world flag was later raised on St Stephen's church tower, and then followed by a breakfast.

Members of the movement went to Torpoint School on Saturday for a day looking at the international aspect of the movement.

A special award for courage was presented to 1st Saltash brownie Rachel Lyne. A blind member of the pack, she received a certificate, part of which was written in Monn writing, especially for blind people.

Certificates were also presented to Shirley Smith and Cheryl Smith for the help they had given to Rachel.

Golden wedding celebration

SALTASH couple Sid and Olive Cummins celebrated their golden wedding with a family party at the Crooked Inn, Stoketon, Saltash.

Sid, 77, was born in Plymouth and came to Saltash when he was about five. He attended the Saltash North Road boys school and on leaving at 14 worked in Symons Grocers shop, which was bombed in 1941. He then went to work in Saltash Co-operative Society where he met Olive.

During the blitz on Saltash in 1941, Sid was a scout and they became members of the auxiliary fire service. They attended many fires and during a particularly bad raid, Sid and his brother Don went with the trailer pump to the Baptist chapel in Saltash.

A bomb dropped nearby and Sid and Don sheltered on either side of a wall. Don was killed by the blast and Sid was injured. Don was posthumously awarded the Scout bronze medal and Sid received the Scout silver medal for bravery - the highest award of the movement - and went on to become a King's scout.

Sid joined the RAF and became a senior aircraftsman. After five years, he returned to Saltash to work in the Co-op office and later worked at Tecalamit.

Olive, 71, was born opposite Brunel Green in Saltash and attended Saltash girls school and on leaving went to work in the Saltash Co-op.

The couple were married at St Nicholas and St Faith Church and their page boy, Richard Keith, visited them on their golden wedding day,

Olive and Sid have a daughter, Julie Ellis and she came to the celebrations with her husband David.