A gallery and studio based in Saltash has been nominated for England’s Business Awards 2023. 

The competition, which hopes to shine a light on some of the best businesses across the country hosts a number of regional and national competitions. 

Taboo Art Gallery (TAG) is a tattoo studio based in Saltash and is currently home to eight tattoo artists.

For the team, the nomination comes only three years after it’s opening, an impressive achievement which, Stefan Marcu, owner of the business is very proud of. 

Speaking about the studio’s nomination, he said: “Being recognised by the England Business Awards was such an incredible feeling!

“It was a true honour to have TAG’s hard work and dedication to the art of tattooing acknowledged in such a prestigious way. 

“The nomination reaffirmed that our fusion between an art gallery and a modern tattoo studio, along with our commitment to inclusivity and constant improvement, is being appreciated and valued. 

“It motivates me and the entire team to continue pushing boundaries and creating exceptional tattoo art. I’m grateful for the recognition, and it inspires us to strive for even greater heights in our artistic journey at TAG.” 

When establishing TAG, this is something the team could only dream of. 

“The decision to establish the business was driven by a deep love for art and tattooing, wanting to provide a platform for talented artists to collaborate and showcase their unique talents within the collective and the community of art lovers,” Stefan explained. 

Since opening, the TAG team has worked hard to create an accessible environment. 

“Attitudes towards tattooing have been changing over the years. 

“In the past, tattoos were often associated with negative stereotypes and were not widely accepted in certain social and professional settings. However, in recent times, there has been a significant shift in perception.

“Tattooing is now increasingly embraced as a form of self-expression and artistry. Many people from various backgrounds and age groups now view tattoos as a means of celebrating individuality and commemorating important life events. 

 “Creating an inclusive environment in tattoo studios and art collectives is of utmost importance. By fostering a welcoming and accepting atmosphere, everyone, regardless of their background, identity, or artistic style, can feel comfortable and appreciated. Such inclusivity not only enriches the artistic community but also encourages collaboration, creativity, and mutual respect among artists and clients. It allows for a diverse range of perspectives and experiences to be celebrated, resulting in a more vibrant and inspiring tattoo art collective like TAG.”  

More information about this year’s business awards can be found here: englandsbusinessawards.co.uk