The Rail Minister, Huw Merriman, was welcomed to Par Station on Thursday, August 24, to discuss exciting plans for the station as part of the Mid-Cornwall Metro project.

Greeting him, Steve Double, Member of Parliament for St Austell and Newquay, said: “It was good to be able to take the Rail Minister to Par Station, which is going to be a key point on the Mid Cornwall Metro, to discuss the improvements to the station we hope to be able to deliver there.”

Improvements will be made to the county’s tracks and signalling system meaning more regular trains on those branch lines.

This was followed by a meeting in Truro with key stakeholders, including Cornwall Council, Network Rail and Great Western Railway, to discuss the progress of the project.

The Mid-Cornwall Metro line aims to create a coast-to-coast through-service connecting Newquay, Par, St Austell, Truro, Penryn and Falmouth which will allow residents of those towns, as well those living along the route, to not only have a direct route to Falmouth, but also to the main line and beyond.

Mr Double said: “This was a really positive meeting and great to see everyone working together to see this new upgrade delivered.

“It means residents of not only the major towns in Cornwall, but also many of the villages in Mid-Cornwall such as Roche, Bugle and Indian Queens, will be able to commute more easily to work, education and key services.

“It will also provide quicker, easier access to visitors coming into the area, and reduce journey times and ease road congestion.

“The area that will be covered by the Mid-Cornwall Metro - Newquay, St Austell, Truro and Falmouth - represents 50% of the economic activity in Cornwall, so it will be a real economic hub, bringing huge benefits and increasing education and employment opportunities for people who live along the route, including the clay villages.”

Mr Merriman, said: “My thanks to Steve for inviting me to see for myself the benefits which the Cornwall Metro will deliver. The meeting I held with Steve, Government officials, County leads, Network Rail and GWR will help put this £50-million Levelling-Up investment into action and improve train services for residents and visitors across Cornwall.”