Last week I was able to catch back up with paperwork in my office in Liskeard following a very welcome break.

My office will remain open over the summer recess and please do contact it by calling 01579 344428, calling in at The Parade in Liskeard or by emailing me direct on [email protected]

Last weekend, like many Cornish people do, I had visitors down from up country. It was good to see my brother in law, his wife and his daughter. It also gave me the opportunity to see some of the tourist destinations which are so important to the local economy.

On Saturday I visited the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth.

It is a place I love going especially given my interest in maritime affairs with a daughter in the Navy, a son in marine electronics and having been married to a local fisherman.

Knowing how healthy fish is for people it was good to see the Aquarium promoting the eating of fish. The sign in the aquarium read, “Give your taste buds an Ocean treat by eating some sustainably caught seafood! Fats oils and nutrients found in many fish have numerous physical and mental wellbeing benefits.” I certainly agree.

On Sunday we took a visit to the Wild Futures Monkey Sanctuary near Looe.

I love taking people to this important attraction because I know that the gate money is so important to take good care of these rescued animals.

Wild Futures is a UK primate welfare and conservation charity rescuing, campaigning, educating and providing sanctuary to primates in need. None of the animals come from the wild.

They come to Looe to find a place where they can socialise and have a safe forever home. I was at first concerned about Jackie, the Capuchin Monkey of which I am one of the adopters, as she was not in her usual location.

However, on asking, the staff did explain that Jackie was okay and just taking a break from the public areas as she was getting a little stressed. It is fantastic that the keepers take such good care of the monkeys.

Jackie was born in 1988 and arrived in the sanctuary in 2005 after living for over 17 years in a converted garage.

She had developed type 2 diabetes from incorrect feeding and is now on daily medication to help her condition. I have been doing what I can to help stop the pet trade in monkeys and have been working with Wild Futures and the government to help achieve this.

The Monkey Sanctuary do such fantastic work and I can’t think of a better place to take visitors where their money makes such a difference to our primate friends.

On Sunday we also went to Looe and it was great to see the town so busy. It was also good to see so many traders doing brisk business in the town from the shops to the street traders.

There are such a wide range of small shops in Looe which will sell many goods which you simply can’t get in the major chains on most high streets.

We were also able to pick up pieces by local craftspeople and artists which are unique to Looe and Cornwall.

Whilst the beach is fantastic and always a draw, it is these sellers which often bring people back to Looe even when the weather is not its sunniest. It is certainly a great place to visit.