COCAINE was found at pubs in the Saltash and Liskeard areas after raids by police.  

Officers from the Saltash Neighbourhood team, supported by Liskeard and Looe Neighbourhood Team, Passive Drug Dog PD Skye, her handler PC Waters, Police and Cornwall Council licensing teams, special constables and Alison Hernandez, Police and Crime Commissioner, have been working together in an operation called Operation PAD – Pubs against Drugs.  

Working alongside licensed premises, the operation seeks to eliminate drug use from Cornwall’s pubs.  

In their latest part of the operation, the teams visited five venues in Liskeard and Saltash to inspect for drugs.  

Drugs were found at four of the five venues, with the Railway Inn, the Brunel and the Ploughboy in Saltash and After Hours, Liskeard all reporting positive for drugs possession or use, with only Saltash Rugby Club reporting as negative. 

A spokesperson for Saltash Police said: “Working as a team we entered the following pubs giving the following results. 

“The Railway Inn, Saltash: two persons Stop Searched of which one was positive for controlled drugs – tested and was cocaine. One small bag of drugs found on the floor which was seized for disposal. Both male and female toilets wiped which indicated cocaine residue

“The Brunel, Saltash: A person reacted to presence of PD SKYE and tried to dispose of white powder down the toilets – CCTV reviewed and enquiries are ongoing. The white powder when tested showed to be cocaine. 

“One person stop and search carried out, however negative for controlled drugs. Both male and female toilets wiped which indicated cocaine residue.” 

“The Ploughboy, Saltash: One Stop and Search carried out where controlled drugs were identified – tested and was cocaine. This person was given a ban from the pub and considered for Saltash Pubwatch. Both male and female toilets wiped which indicated cocaine residue. 

“Saltash Rugby Club, Saltash. This was an unplanned visit where there was a party in progress. Manager allowed us to enter, however no search or dog indications. Both toilets wiped with no indication of cocaine residue. Birthday boy had a great night before you ask!  

“We then took a trip to a premises in Liskeard; After Hours, Liskeard (previously The Social):  “Three Stop Searches carried out of which found two in possession of controlled drugs – tested to be cocaine. Both toilets wiped which indicated cocaine residue.” 

The spokesperson added that after the operation, a quantity of drugs was taken off of the street, promoting public confidence. 

They said: “No arrests were made, however any person found in possession of controlled drugs were removed from the premises. All persons that were found in possession of a controlled drug will be dealt with under ‘slow time enquiry’ provisions but we will be in touch.”