COUNCILLORS have made clear a firm ‘no’ to proposals to build more than 200 new houses.

Menheniot Parish Council says that Wainhomes’ plans to create housing at Tencreek don’t live up to the standards set out in the Neighbourhood Plan for the parish – and that the developer has “not coordinated” its scheme with a project to build an employment site next door.

The Tencreek housing will sit within Menheniot parish but on the outskirts of Liskeard adjoining the Premier Inn and Bubble retail site.

The application has been supported by Liskeard Town Council, although councillors have listed various concerns they’d like to see addressed.

In the case of Menheniot Council, the recommendation to refuse the planning application has been clear and unanimous.

Members set out several reasons for objection including lack of infrastructure, layout and a lack of public spaces being planned.

Chairman of Menheniot Parish Council Adrian Cole said: “Our neighbourhood plan, adopted by our residents less than two years ago, sets out what they expect from any housing that is built inside their parish.

“We set high standards of design, road access, biodiversity, drainage disposal and community safety – as well as future proofing for any further development.

“We expect developers of both the housing site and the employment site to be coordinating their plans together, and they have clearly failed to do so.”

Menheniot Parish Council said that it had been working closely with Cornwall planning officers, the Independent Design Review Panel and councillors in Liskeard throughout the planning process.

“Parish councillors work for the benefit of all residents — both present and future residents who will one day be living at Tencreek,” said Cllr Cole, “and the plans we have seen just don’t add up.”