PA23/06144: A planning application for the erection of an agricultural barn near to Liskeard has been refused by Cornwall Council. 

Mr Oliver Armstrong applied for permission to undertake the works on a field north west of Trenant Cross Cottage, Duloe, Liskeard. 

In a consultation response to the application, the Chief Land Agent and  Valuer said: “Brief Background to Application and Applicant’s Stated Reasons for Requiring the Proposed Development in Respect of Existing/Proposed Farm Enterprise - The applicants purchased 1.6 hectares (4 acres) of land in 2019. 

“The land is currently used to support three yurts and 35 laying hens and 3 alpacas. The applicants intend to increase the numbers of hens kept to allow a pastured egg business to be developed and to start breeding the alpacas as soon as they are old enough to produce three cria per year. 

“The proposal is to bring males onto the holding to support the breeding programme. In addition the applicants build and sell field shelters, stables etc and does up and sells small machinery such as tractors etc.

“There is an existing building on the holding that is used for general storage and to keep hay for the animals in. There is limited tractor access to the building as the applicants have decking to the widest door. 

“The proposed building will be used to house machinery that is currently kept outside and to support the wider enterprises. The proposed building is 663m2.

“Summary of Principal Consideration/Factors Relevant to this Application: There is sufficient space for enterprises related to the holding if the existing building were to be utilised for agricultural storage and not general storage. 

“The proposed additional enterprises do not need to be run from the holding and could be completed off site. The proposed building is very large being 114ft x 60ft or thereabouts given the scale of operations and size of the holding..

“Conclusion and Opinion: It is considered that there is sufficient space for the agriculture on the holding in the existing building. The proposed building is excessive for the size of the holding.”

Echoing those concerns, Duloe Parish Council objected to the development, stating: “In line with the findings and conclusion of the Land Agent report, Duloe Parish Council does not support the application. 

“The site is not sustainable for the size of the proposed building. And as per the Land Agent report, the Council believes that there is sufficient space for the agriculture on the holding in the existing building, and therefore it is not required for the activities/usage that the applicant has stated it is for.”

Refusing the application, Cornwall Council told the applicants: “The application fails to demonstrate that there is an overriding locational or business need for the development to be in this unsustainable countryside location, which is not widely accessible to local services, community facilities and public transport links. 

“The lack of justification for the development would result in additional built form within a rural setting and would unnecessarily erode the rural appearance of the area, designated as an AGLV, failing to conserve the scenic beauty of the natural landscape. 

“As such the development conflicts with policies 1, 2, 5, 12, 23 and 27 of the Cornwall Local Plan Strategic policies 2010- 2030, adopted November 2016, policy T1 of the Climate Emergency Development Plan Document, February 2023, together with the provisions of the National Planning Policy Framework 2023, with particular reference to Paragraphs 8, 84, 110, 112, 130 and 174.”

PA23/06174: Plans for a replacement garage in Torpoint have been refused by Cornwall Council’s planning department. 

Ms Laura Knight applied to the local authority for a replacement garage at her property at 14 Chapeldown Road, Torpoint. 

An accompanying planning officer’s report said of the application: “Torpoint Town Council made no objections or observations. In light of the above, with particular reference to the lack of private amenity space, the five day local council protocol was carried out whereby the officers’ reasons for recommending refusal were explained. The Town Council agreed with the officer recommendation, as such a delegated decision in line with the officer recommendation as per the protocol can be made. 

“For the reasons set out above, specifically with regard to design and neighbour impact, it is considered that the application fails to accord with the development plan. 

“All other matters raised have been taken into account, and in the absence of any significant benefits which would outweigh the harm identified, the application is recommended for refusal.

In refusing the application, Cornwall Council told the applicant: “By means of the overly large footprint of the proposed replacement garage and resultant reduction in private rear outdoor amenity space, the proposed works would prohibit the provision of a well-proportioned (generally at least equal in size to the footprint of the house) and well-orientated, private and not excessively shaded garden to the rear of the property. 

“The development would represent the overdevelopment of the site and would result in an unacceptable level of outdoor rear private amenity space for a family sized home, contrary to paragrpah 135(f) of the National Planning Policy Framework 2023, Policy G1 of the Climate Emergency Development Plan Document and Paragraph 9.5.7 of the Cornwall Design Guide.”