“Time flies when you are having fun”, or so they say; whoever the enigmatic “They” are. But it certainly doesn’t seem like two weeks since Phluid Records were asked to host the Music for Life stage at the Liskeard Charity Relay for Life event at Lux Park. We had the privilege, once again, of working with some fantastic people, many of whom will feature in forthcoming columns here in The Cornish Times.

Having penned and performed the Relay for Life song (available on Spotify and all major platforms), we felt our interviews for Season 4 of Phluid FM, had to start with the incredibly talented Luke Middleton. Born in Plymouth, growing up around Bude, and now residing in Menheniot, Luke’s journey through life and music has been both invigorating and challenging in equal measure. Growing up as part of a church community, Luke has been surrounded by music all of his life and told us:

“I am originally a drummer, predominantly a guitarist, but I am able to play a plethora of instruments, and started making music from the age of five. Growing up, there was always at least one instrument in the room, so by the age of fifteen I naturally found myself writing and composing my own music.”

Luke Middleton with his family
Luke Middleton with his family ( )

All of the artists we speak with have different ways of writing, together with different ways of constructing their music. Luke told us:

“My writing process is quite a peculiar one. Sometimes I’m just messing around on a guitar and a melody will just crop up or there might be a buzzword that will be in my head and in that case the music writes itself, for instance My song called (Overflow) is a name we use in our house when we have to empty the recycling bin.”

Being predominantly a solo artist, Luke told us that he would love to work with more session musicians, particularly whilst recording.

“I have used local musicians as a support band”, Luke told us,”most recently, Dave Woods, who plays bass, and Pip Harbon who is an established drummer.”

With influences ranging from Buddy Holly and John Denver, through to Coldplay, Luke told us that he also admires Jason M’Raz, Bob Marley and The Eagles.

“Anyone who uses their talents for good”, says Luke, continuing by saying, “this is a mantra I hold dear, and continue to write, compose and collaborate with this in mind.”

Turning from music for a minute, Luke’s hobbies include surfing and rock climbing, though since suffering a spinal injury in 2022, these have been put on the back burner.

Working since the age of fifteen to support his family, and having spent the past ten years as an HGV driver, Luke said he pushed himself to the limit and, inevitably, he broke. Quite literally. Slipping 5 discs which resulted in spinal nerve compression, Luke lost 80% of sensation in his left side, leaving him prone to accidents and falls. He lost his job overnight, telling us that he almost also lost his marriage. Having suffered fifteen falls, and been admitted to hospital nine times, it was during one of these hospitalisations that Luke came across Pipewell Studios in Liskeard.

“I couldn’t believe it”, says Luke, “I had been looking for a local studio to record, and here was one right on my doorstep. I messaged the owner, Dean, found out that the studio was wheelchair-friendly, and booked in for my first session, having already written all the songs I needed for a first album. Suffice to say that my debut album, H20 was recorded, and a bromance was formed with Dean, who has gone on to become my manager.”

With a relentless passion for writing music, Luke told us that to perform at the Crystal Palace Bowl would be his dream venue.

“It’s the last place Bob Marley ever played in the UK.”

And that his dream duet would be with the one and only Paulo Nutini.

“He is a massive inspiration to me’, says Luke, “and I think our music would blend seamlessly.”

Describing himself in three words as “handsome”, plucky and humble, we couldn’t agree more. And describing his music as Indie/Soul we feel also hits the nail on the head.

You can find Luke Middleton on his website at middletonluke.com

Email him at [email protected]

He is on instagram under @lukemiddletonmusic

And on Facebook under middletonmvusic and on TikTok @lukemiddletonmusic

His music is on Spotify and all major streaming platforms, and you can catch him live on the 17th June at Menheniot Cherry Fair. Phluid records will be speaking with Luke in the near future, so watch this space, but we feel that the last word needs to be from Luke himself.

“I am so blessed to be doing what I love, and would encourage anyone to chase their dreams no matter what the obstacle. You never know what is around the corner.

Finally, I would like to thank my wife Jessica, without whom I would have fallen more often and maybe never got up. She is an amazing Mum wife and bestie.”