With The Looe “Big Weekender” starting tomorrow and continuing through until Sunday across nine different pubs and clubs in the town, and with the Play Pen Launch the following week on Saturday the 23rd, it’s all kicking off musically in the local area. We have talked, and written about these two events in previous issues of the Times, and last week’s gig guide has everything you need to know.

Here at “Phluid Towers”, however, we also have a pretty packed schedule coming up over the next few weeks.

With some great feedback and comments following our zoom interview with Rob J. Mack on the Wal of Paine Show, (the last in a long list of artists and musicians who have joined us since the show’s inception) we have some more fantastic guests lined up for the coming weeks, starting as from tomorrow.

The amazing Joolz Denby will be Zooming into the Wal of Paine show tomorrow night, 14th September. Having spoken with Joolz earlier in the year we had a fantastic amount of “watch agains” through Phluid Vision on YouTube, and we are expecting no less “footfall” this week. We will be talking about Joolz’s recent trip to Spain, art, music, life in general and probably end up talking about our knees. Lol.

The Lucettas will be joining us from Essex before they embark on their latest tour supporting the amazing Toploader. Their debut album “Stop Boxing on the Platform” is an outstanding lesson in song-writing, musicality and vocal harmonies. If this band aren’t on your radar believe us...you are missing out.

Singer, songwriter, worrier and warrior, Kate McCabe will be joining us from Glasgow to talk about all things Scottish and all things Kate. Her latest single, “That’s Where I’ll Be” has just landed on all streaming platforms. Having played her single “I Am Her (The Devil Is Desire), on last week’s Wal of Paine show, this is one we are really looking forward to.

Ashley Harding will be joining us for a second time, since recording his out-standing debut album, “Spoon Music”. Ash has hooked up with some great musicians and engineers to make this a “go to” album for all Americana fans. If you didn’t know he lived just round the corner (geographically speaking), you would be forgiven for thinking that he had just landed in the South West from Nashville.

We are also hoping to be talking with the amazing Whiskey Scenario in a few weeks, and with feeler out to other artists, the back end of 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting and interesting one.

All of these artists are available to stream on all major platforms, and you can get in touch, follow and like their music by searching for them on Google or social media.

If you are an independent artist or band and fancy jumping in to join the party, please contact us at [email protected]

Either that or message us on any of our social media platforms. Our reach is ever-increasing and we have topped over 1.3 million impression across our platforms, with over 100,000 views on YouTube. We always endeavour to get as many “eyes on” by constant promotion and support of these artists, and our Zoom interviews have been massively successful with fantastic feedback.

The Big Lad’s “Thick Hard Portion” is proving to be ever-popular as the Big Fell spins his vinyl on Monday nights. Al Roberts “Tunes From the Man Cave” has been an instant success on Tuesdays, with music ranging from Blues through to Americana and everything in between. “Prouts Night out” ticks all the boxes on Wednesday nights, and if you like a laugh and a rant at the same time, it’s the only place to be. With the “Wal of Paine” airing on a Thursday night, with guests galore, and sooo much more. All these shows air between 7-9pm and you can tune in by searching Phluid Records / Phluid Vision. 

See you at the Looe Big Weekender...

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