ANTICIPATION might be building for the arrival of the Flying Scotsman steam train into Cornwall this weekend - but now you can see its arrival and departure from the comfort of your own home.

A new HD railway webcam has been installed overlooking the historic and iconic Royal Albert Bridge as part of a partnership between rail enthusiast camera provider Railcam and Saltash Town Council and has gone live in time for this weekend's arrival.

The Flying Scotsman is likely to cross the border into Cornwall at around lunchtime on Sunday, although exact timings have not yet been confirmed by the organisers for 'safety reasons'.

The event can be viewed on the Railcam Youtube channel.

Once the event is completed, the camera is set to remain in place, with the project to install a camera at the Royal Albert Bridge originally suggested by TV historian and presenter of the critically acclaimed UKTV series 'The Architecture the Railways Built' after he visited Saltash station in 2021 as part of filming for the show.

A spokesperson for Railcam said: "This Sunday, the world's most famous locomotive, Flying Scotsman, is due to steam on a charter express train into Cornwall. Station platforms are expected to be busy, so an HD webcam has been installed so that every person in Cornwall - no matter what their age or mobility - can see this triumphant moment LIVE!

"The team at Railcam UK has worked with the community rail group Saltash Station Project and Saltash Council to install the HD webcam. The camera will begin broadcasting its view of the iconic Royal Albert Bridge this weekend, free, 24/7 on YouTube, in time for Sunday’s visit.

"Exact times haven’t been released by the Railway Touring Company – but they will be shown on the YouTube channel as soon as they become available.

"Even after Flying Scotsman goes home, the plan is to leave the camera up - so railway enthusiasts worldwide can enjoy the variety of trains using the line.

"Viewing will be available via YouTube at

"The project was originally suggested to Railcam by TV railway historian Tim Dunn, after he visited to film Series 2 of his hugely popular UKTV series The Architecture The Railways Built for the Yesterday channel in 2021. Both Railcam and Saltash Station Project saw the global marketing benefits of bringing this iconic view to a worldwide audience, so once the full restoration of the Saltash Station Project was complete, the Railcam team and Saltash Council moved quickly to get the project up-and-running."