More children in care face growing up without their brothers or sisters unless more foster carers who are able to care for siblings can be found. There is a national shortage of foster carers who are able to look after more than one child.Nationally there could be as many as 2,000 children who are growing up in foster care without the support of a brother or sister. There are currently four sibling groups in the care of Fostering Devon looking for foster home where they can live together. Some people may feel that they could not foster siblings because they do not have two bedrooms, however, some siblings do share bedrooms, so please don’t let that put you off.  Fostering Devon is appealing for people who would be willing to look after more than child, to come forward. Councillor Andrew Leadbetter, Devon County Council’s Cabinet Member for Children’s Services and Schools said: “Going into foster care can be incredibly hard to adjust to. But imagine having to go into foster care without your brothers and sisters around you? “For many people the past couple of years has been a time for reflection and fresh starts. Perhaps circumstances have caused a significant change in your career. So, if you have space and you are considering taking on a more caring role, why not pick up the phone and have an informal chat with our Fostering Enquiry Team? “Children are much more likely to settle if they are kept with their siblings, especially if they have a close emotional bond.” Emma Nobes of Fostering Devon said: “We always try to keep siblings together in the same home wherever possible, but at the moment there simply aren’t enough foster carers who can care for more than one child.“It is incredibly important to keep brothers and sisters together so that they can share experiences and support one another through challenging times. “Caring for siblings can be extremely rewarding and life-changing, so if you feel you have the qualities needed to provide a loving home, we want to hear from you.”  To find out more, download your free information booklet, visit the website, speak to the fostering enquiry team on 0345 155 1077 or email [email protected].