A MISSING diver has been rescued off the coast of Cornwall.

The rescue was co-ordinated by Falmouth Coastguard and involved the Fowey all-weather lifeboat, the Plymouth all-weather lifeboat and inshore lifeboat, a Coastguard rescue helicopter and a vessel called the Smit Yare.

A spokesperson for Fowey RNLI said: “On Sunday, at 12:48pm, just as the crew were finishing the debrief from their morning exercise, the pagers went off requesting that Fowey launch the all-weather lifeboat to assist in a search for a missing diver off the Eddystone Lighthouse.

“All but one diver had returned. Fowey’s lifeboat arrived on site at 1:46pm and was allocated a search leg.

“Whilst the Fowey crew were commencing their section of the search, Plymouth’s inshore lifeboat crew located the diver who was floating on the surface.

“The Plymouth crew rescued the diver and got him and his equipment onboard their all-weather boat.

“A paramedic from Rescue Helicopter 94 was winched down to carry out an assessment of the casualty, and he was found to be well and required no medical support and was returned to his vessel. The search was stood down at 2:02pm.

“This was a good multi-agency team search and rescue. Well done to all involved.”