A man who was found guilty of malicious communications, including sending threats to Scott Mann, the MP for North Cornwall and his team has been sentenced to a Section 37 hospital order.

Mr Ian Rogerson, formerly of Bodmin, was given the sentence at Exeter Crown Court, and it means he will be sectioned as opposed to a spell in prison.

He had been charged with sending an electric communication which conveyed a threat with the purpose of causing distress or anxiety in addition to also being charged with brandishing a wooden bat and shouting aggressively at Bodmin Police Station’s public foyer on May 13, 2022, as well as being in possession of a claw hammer at the station.

The news was welcomed by Scott Mann, who said: "I have been informed that Mr Rogerson has been given a Section 37 order under the Mental Health Act by the court and I very much hope he now gets the treatment he needs. 

"The situation that occurred with Mr Rogerson caused great distress to my staff, who were approached by him at our office in Bodmin. Had it not been for the quick actions of my team in identifying and reporting his threats against both me, and the public, the conclusion could have been far worse. 

"Over the past eight years since I was first elected as MP for North Cornwall, I have seen a dramatic rise in the level of threats against Members of Parliament, not just in the governing party, but across the whole House. 

"Unfortunately, this is not the first credible threat made against me and my office, and as an employer who is responsible for staff, I have implemented recommendations from Parliamentary authorities and the police to ensure our safety.

"I would like to thank Devon & Cornwall Police for their swift action on this case, especially Inspector Ben Robillard, who was the primary point of contact when the threat was made.