The Spy South Africa Never Caught!

An interview with Sue Dobson

Friday, November 17 at 5pm on Liskeard Radio.

Cornish Author Sue Dobson tells of a life of Espionage, Deceit, Murder and ‘Honey-Traps’ in Apartheid-rule South Africa In the 1980s.

As a 14yr old white, middle-class, young girl growing up in 1970s Pretoria, Sue was so troubled by the divisive race laws of her homeland and the atrocities of the 1976 Soweto Uprising she vowed to turn her back on the privilege afforded by her skin colour and sought to join the banned African National Congress.

In a frank and revealing LIVE, and exclusive, interview with Liskeard Radio Sue (aka Deana) talks about her infiltration of government departments, Military and Espionage Training in the Soviet Union and her escape from the pursuit of would-be prosecutors when her identity as an agent of the banned ANC was discovered.

Having sought political asylum in the UK Sue’s life became a media circus and she was afforded the security of the Royal Protection Squad in light of the inevitable threat to her life.

How is she regarded in her native South Africa....Traitor or Hero?

How did her family react to the revelations contained within her book?

A fascinating, and sometimes amusing, spy story from a seemingly ‘ordinary’ woman.

Tune in LIVE at 5pm on www.liskeardradio.com and social media.

Looe Lights Up

Friday, December 1 2023

This year’s event is once again being held at West Looe Quay with the expectation of a bumper crowd of locals and visitors alike.

The Lantern Parades will leave Looe Beachfront and Millpool Centre at 6.30pm and 6.45pm respectively joining to march along to the Quayside together with St Pinnock Band.

Rev Ben Morgan-Lundie will lead a short service and carol singers whilst Liskeard Radio presenter Mike Allsopp will provide the Xmas songs and program ahead of the big ‘switch on’

Looe Town Council will be serving up the mulled wine while the Fire Service will be sparking up barbeque food and the Hannafore Kiosk team will looking after the mince pies, teas and coffees.

It is rumoured a big guy in a red suit might just join us...wouldn’t that be great!

East Looe also gets in on the act with late night shopping and entertainment in the Rose Garden adjacent to the Guild Hall.

Traders Association Parking Scheme

At the latest meeting of Liskeard Traders feedback was expressed on the early success of the initiative. Locals and visitors were making use of the savings however, by and large, they are donating discounts to the various charity bottles.

This is not just increasing footfall in the town but creating positive feeling with traders keen to continue the scheme into the new year!

Liskeard Lights Up

This year’s event is being held on Saturday, December 9 and final details of the schedule will be published following this week’s meeting of the ‘Lights Up’ Committee.

Suffice to say, Liskeard Radio will be providing the music and supporting other entertainment at this fabulous event.

Xmas Presenters

Liskeard Radio is pleased to welcome back the fabulous Pete Morgan for his ‘and friends’ show every Monday from 5pm ‘til 7pm starting on November 27 AND the popular Simon Crosbie for his ‘mixing it up’ show on consecutive Tuesday afternoons between 2pm and 4pm from December 4Simon will also be joined for a special Xmas morning show by his daughter at 8am.

All shows will be presented live from our studio.

We are always looking out for new presenters so if you are keen to ‘have a go’ in the studio hot seat just contact us on [email protected] or via our Facebook page.

Full training and support is available.