The Cornish Times received a letter from Mike Jackman in Looe. It said:

"More vague promises made for average speed cameras on the A38 between Trerulefoot and Carkeel to add to the other safety measures that have been put back to 2030. 

"For those of us who are old enough to remember it is a total disgrace that the major route in and out of SE Cornwall is almost unchanged to what it was before the Tamar Bridge was opened over 60 years ago!  

"I am fully aware that many people are working tirelessly for a new dual carriageway to be constructed but as I said in a previous letter to this newspaper if the “Truro Bubble” did not have the luxury of the vastly improved A30 to travel in and out of the County I am certain that the A38 problem would have been dealt with many years ago!

"Surely if the nillions earmarked for HS2 are to be distributed across the nation for other travel improvements this unfit for purpose stretch of road must be high on the list, the future prosperity and the safety of road users in the region is at severe risk if no immediate action is taken.  

"There must be hundreds of similar stretches of trunk road throughout the UK that have been replaced by dual carriageways otherwise the road network would have completely ground to a halt decades ago!"