The Cornish Times received a letter from Alastair Tinto in Calstock, it said:

"Sherryl Murray rightly says that people are worried about the cost of living. Inflation is running at 7.9%. It is highly unlikely that Rishi Sunak will reach his target of getting it below 5% by the end of this year. 

"You only had to go on a few pages on in the Cornish Times to come across a headline that reads ‘interest rates hit 15 year high.’ 

"Figures released by the Bank of England show that at least one million borrowers can expect their mortgages to increase by £500 a month. That’s almost a week’s wages. That is the reality for many people. The Government’s cost of living support that Mrs Murray barely covers half of that. 

"At the same time, the National Institute of Economic and Social Research says that the poorest 10th of the population has been especially hard hit by the cost of living crisis and will be 17% worse of by the end of 2024 than they were 5 years earlier. That is the reality of life under this Government. 

"This explains why research handed to Channel 4 News predicts the near obliteration of the Conservative Party at the next election. Labour would win 461 seats and Rishi Sunak might be leading a party of 90. 

"Mrs Murray is very likely to lose her seat. Labour, which came in second place in the last two general elections, is the party which is likely to unseat her."