The Cornish Times received a letter from Adam Sturtridge in Callington, it said:

"In recent letters to this paper, Labour party members from Lostwithiel wrongly asserted that a website can predict election results in specific constituencies like South East Cornwall. 

"But websites like Electoral Calculus do not consider local factors. 

"The Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate, Colin Martin, has become increasingly well known across Cornwall. 

"He has regular columns in three local papers, and is a frequent guest on Radio Cornwall and BBC Politics South West. Crucially he is also actively involved with local campaign groups such as SAFE38 and the Tamar Toll Action Group. 

"Meanwhile the previous Labour candidate has moved to a more winnable seat in Plymouth. 

"There is still no one to replace him, because Labour Party HQ wants its activists to focus on their winnable seats – and that is not South East Cornwall! 

"The only way to avoid the tedious circular argument over which party can beat the Conservatives is to change our unfair voting system. 

"The outdated First-Past-The-Post system means our Conservative MP can be re-elected with a minority of the votes if the opposition is split. 

"It tells us a lot about the Labour party that they won’t commit to changing this voting system, didn’t take part in the Tamar Tolls protest, and haven’t even selected a candidate, yet still expect voters to back them ahead of a hard-working campaigner who has shown a long-term."