WITH its free-flowing schedule and one-of-a-kind transformative experiences, Paradhis, Cornwall’s newest and highly anticipated wellness festival, welcomed more than 2,000 guests to the historic grounds of Boconnoc Estate.

A weekend fuelled by cacao and wholesome community spirit, the inaugural event was a heady combination of music, movement, and mantras.

Opening its heart to healthy hedonists on Friday, July 5, Paradhis was carefully curated around six distinct venues plus the iconic Boconnoc Church. Offering festival guests the chance to unplug from life and recharge in the heart of nature, free-spirited souls embraced the imaginative programming to embark on a three-day journey of relaxation and self-discovery.

The picture-perfect setting was the ultimate backdrop for special guests including globally renowned Californian yoga teacher Shiva Rea who took to the main stage mid-morning with uplifting flows and guided dance sequences, a nod to her dynamic approach to yoga and movement meditation.

Supercharging Saturday evening, Morcheeba brought their smooth, soulful yet jazzy beats to the grounds of Boconnoc Estate opening with "The Sea" before leading into other tracks including “Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day” and “Part of The Process” and then finally ending with “Blindfold” which saw the crowd swaying and singing along with hands aloft.

Rain and sunshine intertwined throughout the festival weekend but that didn’t deter the like-minded crowd looking to deepen their spiritual knowledge and immerse themselves in new experiences. Wet weather moments just encouraged intimate gatherings as guests took cover and united for ecstatic dance sessions, drum circles, voice activation, and vision board workshops.

With its stained-glass windows and high vaulted ceiling, Boconnoc’s sacred 800-year-old church came to life over the weekend with soul-stirring sound services and mass meditation sessions.

As the sky parted and the rain eased, sunny spells on Saturday made way for early risers embarking on the deer safari. Trundling down winding tracks, past Boconnoc lake, and opening out into wildflower meadows filled with butterflies and dragonflies, the tractor trailer excursion showcased the beautiful grounds and uncovered the fallow deer hiding amongst the ancient trees.

Thought-provoking talks covering body magic, Kambo frog medicine, tea from the trees, and psychedelic Integration left guests with newfound wisdom plus massages, luxe facials, reiki, and reflexology were all bookable for complete rejuvenation.

Festival organisers Ian Whittaker and Ben Hall said on the inaugural event: “Paradhis was everything we wanted it to be. We wanted to create an experience that brought about a deep sense of community whilst immersing people in nature and exposing them to a wholesome programme of events. Having the opportunity to organise a festival of this kind in one of the most stunning areas of wild Cornish parkland is a real gift. This is just the beginning of an exciting journey where we will continue to connect people with themselves, each other, and the landscape to spread positivity and love. We can’t wait to start planning next year’s event and digest all the wonderful feedback and ideas from festival guests, practitioners, and facilitators. We would like to extend our gratitude to everyone involved.”