A 24-hour walkathon was held at a local store this week to raise money to help give a young woman with Huntington’s disease back her voice.

Starting on August 11 the team at HBH Woolacotts Liskeard completed the noon till noon challenge which they called ‘A Voice For Sam’.

The walkathon was set up to raise money for Sam, a local resident who has Huntington’s disease. Sam is being looked after by Beech Lawn nursing home in Liskeard and has lost her mobility and speech.

Lorraine, from HBH Woolacotts, said: “Thanks to the generosity of a lot of people we raised enough money to buy her an electronic tablet that she will be able to control using her eye movement which will then translate into words so Sam will be able to communicate again.

“Due to the great response the extra money is going to go to buying Sam other aids to make her life as comfortable as possible, for example, she needs a suitable chair for Huntington’s patients.

“At the moment she has a normal recliner chair which is not at all suitable for her ongoing needs.”

The walkathon was live streamed through Woolacottss YouTube channel, set up by staff at HBH Woolacotts in Bude, there was also a quiz and a prize draw which was donated into by local shops.

Lorraine added: “We had an amazing weekend!”

The 24-hour walkathon raised more than £600 in cash donations.

“So, in total over seven weeks we have £988.68 in cash donations alone. On the JustGiving page people have donated over £10,400 and the donations are still coming in.

“We are ever so grateful to everyone that has supported us for this. And I know Sam is overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity.” Lorraine continued.

To donate to Sam’s JustGiving page visit: www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/givesamavoice1