In collaboration with Ginsters, a farm in Torpoint is helping to show Brits exactly where their food comes from with a new tasty service.

New research from Ginsters has revealed that many Brits in fact don’t know their onions, as nearly half (47%) admit to having poor or patchy knowledge of how the veg they eat is grown. A fifth (20%) have never seen a vegetable grow at all, with 79% saying they have never personally grown a vegetable from seed to harvest, and one in ten (11%) having only ever seen their grandparents with green fingers.

Ginsters is launching a ‘Sow Your Own Slice’ service allowing people to immerse themselves in a 'field-to-fork' journey and have vegetables grown on their behalf at its farm on the Rame Peninsular.

The service will give people the opportunity to have potato and onion seeds sown on their behalf at Hay Farm, the very farm which supplies local vegetables for the Ginsters range. Once grown, and after receiving updates along the way, the vegetables will be harvested and then handmade into delicious slices before arriving to them in a personalised pack.

Ginsters launches new 'Sow Your Own' service as 1.4m Brits think onions grow on trees
Ginsters launches new 'Sow Your Own' service as 1.4m Brits think onions grow on trees (Ginsters)

Sarah Babb from Ginsters said:“At Ginsters we’re proud of the fact that we source many of the ingredients for our products, from our neighbours at Hay Farm in Cornwall. We hope that our ‘Sow Your Own Slice’ service will not only take people back to the roots of fresh food and open people’s eyes to how the veggies we eat are grown, but also allow them to experience the field-to-fork journey of the ingredients in Ginsters Slices, from the planting of the veggies to a perfectly baked and delicious pastry for them to heat at home and enjoy”.

 Jeremy Oatey, Farmer at Hay Farm said: “My team at Hay Farm works hard all year round growing the freshest local vegetables for all Ginsters products, no matter how the British weather treats us. As we’re so close to it, it’s easy to forget that not everyone knows where these vegetables come from and how they’re grown, so I’m pleased that with Ginsters, we’re able to shine a ‘spud-light’ on this apparently rare knowledge.”

The limited-edition service has been open since February 22. Those who wish to sign up should visit the Ginsters website and enter their details along with selecting which Ginsters Slices they would like to receive from the choice of Peppered Steak, Chicken & Mushroom and Cheese & Onion.