Tomorrow (May 5) there will be a dressing of St Cleer Well. A traditional practised all over the UK where wells and springs are decorated with designs created from flower petals.

Organised by Cornwall Heritage Trust, with the help and support of Liskeard Old Cornwall Society along with St Cleer Primary school the event will begin at 10.15am.

Schedule of events:


Children from St Cleer Primary School to parade up to the Well

with posies. Procession led by Merv Davey playing Celtic Pipes.


Children to lay posies at the Well


Cathy Woolcock, CEO of Cornwall Heritage Trust


Brian Oldham, President of Liskeard Old Cornwall Society

Opening Prayer

Rod Sheaff (Cornish)

Li Selman, Curate (English)

Bible Reading

John 5:1-8

Rod Sheaff (Cornish)

Li Selman, Curate (English)

Message from Li Selman, Curate

The Lord's Prayer (Cornish)

Rod Sheaff

The Lord’s Prayer (English)


The Blessing


Return to St Cleer Primary School for children to perform traditional Cornish dance