A GAS emergency and pipeline service has finished two projects to upgrade parts of the gas network in areas of Liskeard.

Wales and West Utilities has upgraded gas pipes in both Barras Street and Bodgara Way.

All work was essential to keep the gas flowing safely and reliably to local homes and businesses, keeping people warm for generations to come and involved joint planning with Cornwall Council.

Wales and West Utilities Abby Smith, who managed the gas pipe upgrade work, said: “We’re happy to have finished both projects and want to thank everyone who lives and works in the areas for bearing with us while we completed these essential projects.

“While most of the gas network is underground and out of sight, it plays a central role in the daily lives of people across Liskeard.

“Whether it’s heating your home, making the family dinner or having a hot bath, we understand how important it is for your gas supply to be safe and reliable and there when you need it.

“This work was essential to keep the gas flowing to local homes and businesses today, and to make sure the gas network is ready to transport hydrogen and biomethane, so we can all play our part in a green future.”