A DEMOLISHED car showroom in Bodmin which has been used for several years as a car park is set to once again return to trading as a new Enterprise car hire location.

The former West End Motors showroom, on Dennison Road, which since its demolition in the late 2000's, has been used as a private car park.

However, it is set to have a new lease of employment life with the potential arrival of Enterprise rent-a-car to the site, after planning permission was applied for to erect a modular building and car washing facilities on the site.

A planning application on behalf of Enterprise for the 'Former West End Motors car park site, Dennison Road, Bodmin, proposes to erect a modular office building, wash bay and equipment store and associated external works and proposed advertisement signage for a vehicle hire branch.

The plans indicate that the entire site would cease to be a car park, with parking used for the storage of vehicles, with staff parking on the exterior of the site.

In the planning application, the applicants say: "The proposals involve the change of use of the site from sui generispublic car park to sui generis - vehicle hire branch. The proposals include the erection of a modular office building, wash bay and equipment store.

"The proposed modular office building is located in the centre of the site towards the northern boundary. The modular office is single storey and is a sympathetic height at 3.52m sits comfortably in the plot. The proposed office is a similar scale and height to other commercial buildings in the area. The modular office building will sit on a raised kerb pavement for pedestrian safety.

"The proposed wash bay and equipment store is located to the east of site in the location of the former west end motors office building. The wash bay canopy and equipment stores will be constructed out of lightweight metal frames which will be mechanically fixed into the concrete slab. The metal frame will be clad in a corrugated metal cladding like many industrial buildings in the area.

"The wash bay drainage area will have a concrete hardstanding laid a fall for the gully drain. As part of the works external works the access via ramp from Pool Street is proposed to be removed and a concrete retaining wall to match existing will block this access. Boundary treatments such as metal railings and retractable bollards to the entrance at Mill Street are proposed to improve the site security out of opening hours.

"The ground levels and dropped kerbs of the access to the site from Mill Street will remain unchanged in the proposals. The proposals also include advertising signage to be erected related to the vehicle hire branch. A T-pole sign is located in the southwest corner of the site and assists in wayfinding from approaching cars and vans to direct them into the access on Mill Street. Monument signage by the dropped kerb on Mill Street signifies the site entrance. Banner signage for the Enterprise Car Club and Car Returns will assist drivers on parking in the correct location."

The plans can be viewed on the Cornwall Council website under PA23/02617.