A talk for all writers, aspiring writers and readers with Yaara Lahav Gregory, Anna Lunk and Sophie Pierce at Calstock Arts Centre on Sunday, April 14.

All writers know how hard it is to get published, and what a lonely business it can be. Three Devon writers, who are members of the same writing group, have all published books in the last year, following different routes to market. 

Anna Lunk, Yaara Lahav Gregory and Sophie Pierce will talk about their three very different books – two novels and a memoir – and share their experiences of the rocky road to publication.

Subjects that the talk will cover include the support a writers’ group gives, keeping going amidst all the rejection, the different routes to publication and how they work, Promotion and social media, why we write and desire to be read.

For more information, visit: calstockarts.org/event/april-14-one-writers-group-three-routes-to-publication-6pm