THE closure of fish market operations in Plymouth has impacted Looe.

After 29 years trading, Plymouth Trawler Agents ceased their activities at Sutton Harbour on May 17 with just three week’s notice.

Five years after the closure of Looe fish market crews are now having to land at Brixham or Newlyn; a round trip of at least 100 miles in either direction to transport the catch by road.

Looe Harbour Commissioners are currently transferring the catch twice daily from Looe to Brixham.

Plymouth City Council has met with the landlords Sutton Harbour Holdings and said in a statement: “There has been intensive discussions and work behind the scenes to help the industry – not just in Plymouth but the ports of South East Cornwall and South Devon.

“As a result of lobbying including by Plymouth City Council and the Plymouth Fishing and Seafood Association, a further £2-million has been made available to allow a national Fisheries and Seafood Scheme to reopen.

“This has been shared with the industry, and crews are being encouraged to apply for extra support to cover abnormal costs they have experienced as a result of the closure.

“An interim arrangement has been made with catch landing in Plymouth and being transported by refrigerated truck to Brixham.

“More long term arrangements for transport will be explored along with other options to reopen the market.”