A COUPLE both planned secret proposals for each other - and ended up getting down on one knee at the same time, writes Amy Reast SWNS.

Shanice Rawlins, 28, of Paignton met her partner, Nicola Hackworthy, 32, of Saltash online in 2020 and says they got on like a house on fire.

In 2023 Shanice booked a holiday for the two of them - with a plan to take a ring and surprise Nicola with a proposal.

In May they jetted off on a romantic holiday to Praiano, Italy, and Shanice packed the engagement in her bag for the big surprise.

But on May 14, when she picked the moment she got down on one knee, she got the shock of her life - as Nicola ran off.

After a moment of confusion Nicola returned - with a ring of her own - and they shared a sweet double proposal.

Shanice, a radio dispatch officer, from Paignton, said: "We met online and got on because we both bonded over music we liked.

"We started meeting and the more we saw each other, the more it progressed.

"I made my proposal plans last year and planned the Italy holiday - when I bought the ring I obviously had the same thought as her!

"Neither of us knew the other one was going to do it on holiday - we both had the rings hiding from the other person."

Shanice had no idea why Nicola disappeared after she got down on one knee at their hotel, Torre Saracena.

But everything made sense when Nicola returned - with a ring of her own.

Shanice said: "When she walked off, I was very shocked - thinking 'what's going on? Do I get up or stay on one knee?'

"When she came back with the ring, I was so shocked but I found it kind of funny."

Luckily, both Shanice and Nicola, a sales assistant, from Saltash, accepted their proposals.

They then enjoyed a boat trip and their first romantic meal together under an Italian sunset as brides-to-be.

They are now happily engaged and planning a 2027 wedding - but plan to start a family before they marry.

Nicola said: "My mum passed away a few weeks before I met Shanice, and she came at the right time.

"I just knew she was the one. I had been thinking about proposing for ages and I thought Italy would be the perfect place.

"I had been carrying the ring around with me waiting for the right moment.

"When Shanice proposed, I panicked because I didn't have my bag with me which had the ring inside.

"I had to run off to find my bag to get the ring!

"But it was amazing, we had a nice boat trip after. I'll never ever forget that holiday."