A business based in Liskeard is hoping to change the adult toy industry with its environmentally friendly approach to intimacy. 

The Natural Love Company based in Menheniot are hoping to change the way people look at intimacy and the environment with their range of environmentally-friendly toys made from recycled ocean plastics. 

The company is now in its third year however, since its launch the company has been focused on providing intimacy products which are also kind to the environment. 

Ben Foster, co-founder of The Natural Love Company team explained how this approach to the intimacy industry is quite exciting: “From the onset our vision has always been to do the best we can by the planet when making business and product decisions, and moving away from the use of virgin materials where ever possible was a must, so it’s been an idea from inception really. 

“The idea of challenging the status quo in material use is rather exciting, we’re currently developing a range of bondage products which are made from cork tree bark rather than the expected cow leather.” 

As well as their current range, the company hopes to replace their entire range with this sustainable and recycled material. 

While many people look to recycle more, keep an eye on their carbon footprint and do good for the environment where they can, why not make sure private collections are in keeping with the environmentalist ethos? 

Speaking to the Cornish Times Ben explained: “The intimacy industry is huge, and set to double by the turn of the decade; with that comes a wake of waste, estimated to be around 230 tons of landfill waste each year in the UK alone. 

“The industry is synonymous with bad practices from an environmental sense, with low quality and sometimes even single use products wrapped in heinous amounts of plastic packaging, so as the industry grows its paramount there is an option out there for consumers who want to adapt their shopping habits to align with the sustainability values.” 

As well as their ocean plastic scheme, the company is hoping to change the approach to the life of a intimate toy, all in the name of the environment. 

“This quarter we also launched our sex toy recycling scheme called ‘The Second Coming’, whereby customers can freepost us their old sex tech which we will ensure is correctly processed,” Ben explained. 

“Alongside Treenation, we fund a tree to be planted with every order (we’ve planted 15,536 trees this past two years!) currently focussing efforts on reforesting parts of east Africa and Madagascar which have experienced awful deforestation over the decades. 

“As well as our in-house environmental schemes like zero plastic packaging, long product obsolescence etc we’re also proud to be a member of the prestigious ‘1% for the Planet’ who do some fabulous work for environmental causes to protect and enhance our natural environment.”