THE mayor of Liskeard has returned from his third trip to Ukraine where he helped to deliver humanitarian aid alongside team members from Devon and Cornwall Sending Love.

Cllr Simon Cassidy set off on March 27 with co-driver, Louise Morton from Calstock, to embark on the 2,500 mile round trip across Europe as part of a convoy of seven vans.

The team were able to deliver the aid, which had been donated by local people in South East Cornwall, to a hub in Warsaw.

The aid would then be driven by Ukrainian volunteers to the much-needed places within the country.

Looking back on the journey, Cllr Cassidy said: “The highlight of this trip was meeting the Ukrainian teams who take the aid to where it is needed  the most from the distribution centre in Warsaw.

“We met a female medic of the Ukrainian Armed Forces who had brought an ambulance to the centre which we filled directly from our vans with donated medical aid and she was going to drive it to the front line. She spoke to us about how much it meant to her and her friends that we were able to support her and provide much needed aid. She said you will never understand how much this means to us.

“It’s great to be home. But when I sit here and it’s quiet, I think about the people we left behind and the people struggling every day in the face of the violence of war.

“The Sending Love volunteers are a truly amazing group of inspirational human beings - what they have done HAS changed lives and continues to do so.

“Someone said to me the other day, you’re amazing not all heroes wear capes - I don’t personally consider myself a hero. I just think what we do is the right thing to do and I sincerely hope more people will get involved.

“We are a small town, but we have a big heart. We are twinned with a town in Ukraine. They are our friends and at the minute they need our support. Yes, many people need our support here at home and I like many others do my best to support those causes closer to home but we must not forget we are part of a bigger world and if we can do one small thing to help make somebody else’s life easier we should try and do it. 

“But today all I want to do is go get a van and my amazing co-driver Lou fill it back up and take more joy to the people we love.

“To represent our town as it’s mayor is a distinct honour but to represent our town in delivering humanitarian aid to a war torn country demonstrates the love our community has for others.

“I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who is supported us and continues to support us on these trips.”

To date the Cornwall and Devon Sending Love to Ukraine group has delivered 177 loads of aid in 21 convoys.

To find out more about the group visit Cornwall and Devon Sending Love to Ukraine.