Christmas is set to come early to a town where not so long ago, it could have been only lightly illuminated.  

After local debate, where residents were presented with a choice between a small town council precept increase in their council tax or the potential loss of Christmas lights, which needed replacing, it was chosen by the town council to replace the lights.  

The new festive display is set to be put in place in the coming weeks, with contractors set to pull test existing fittings, installing new wires, eyebolts and wall-mounted brackets ahead of the light switch-on.  

While the lights and decorations, made from 100% LED bulbs and recycled bottles, will be in place, they will not be switched on until late November.  

A spokesperson for Liskeard Town Council said: “Christmas has come early as work starts on the town’s new festive display.   

“Contractors will be pull testing the existing fixings, installing new cross-street wires, eyebolts and wall-mounted brackets on Thursday and Friday evening this week but the display will not be switched on until late November.   

“After that the lights will illuminate the town every night through the Christmas period.   

“The new display will be made up of 100% LED bulbs which are more efficient than standard bulbs and the decorations are made from recycled PET plastic bottles.”