ROCK Choir members from Saltash and St Austell are celebrating after raising more than £1,000 for charity – contributing to a total of £35,000 raised across the UK by the Rock Choir.

Members from the local choir groups have raised £1,147 for Comic Relief by fundraising in their choir rehearsals, baking cakes, and dressing in red along with some comical accessories.

Rock Choir leader, Marcus Alleyne, said: “I’m so proud of all my Rockies, we have raised an incredible amount for Comic Relief! It really has been an amazing week filled with laughter singing and generosity.”

Marcus Alleyne is a classically trained choral and orchestral conductor and singer. Some career highlights include performances at the Royal Albert Hall, Theatre Royal, Winchester Cathedral and Carnegie Hall. In 2019 Marcus received international recognition when he was awarded ‘Best Festival Conductor’ at the International Festival for Male Voices, where he competed against professional conductors from all over the world.

Choir members did lots of dressing up for Red Nose Day
Choir members did lots of dressing up for Red Nose Day ( )

Rock Choir along with its creator, Caroline Redman Lusher, have worked tirelessly for over a decade to fundraise for Comic Relief galvanising the entire Rock Choir membership year after year to come together both nationally and regionally as a community to put on fundraising events, activities and performances in aid of the charity. 

Rock Choir members participated in numerous fundraising activities over the last few weeks for Comic Relief. These ranged from surprise singing flash mobs, 12 hour sing-a-thons, bake sales, comedy fundraising videos, singing session in the sea, singing mountain hikes, concerts, singing hula hoop sessions, kazoo choir and much more.

Singers braved the cold to sing in the sea for charity
Singers braved the cold to sing in the sea for charity ( )

In addition, a national fundraising video aimed at the Comic Relief brief ‘Do Something Funny for Money’ theme, was premiered on the Rock Choir’s social media channels, which was broadcast alongside fundraising links for people to get involved.

It featured celebrity hairdressers Nick and Royston, best known for clients such as Elton John and Shirley Bassey, Goldie Hawn. The pair have flown across the world to tend the tresses of the rich and famous, dined with A-listers at the glitziest of restaurants, and their regular TV appearances made them celebrities in their own right.

'Do something funny for money'
'Do something funny for money' ( )

The pair gate-crashed a Midlands Rock Choir rehearsal and end up having a party with the Rock Choir members. Full of comedy moments and mishaps, it will be a highly entertaining watch – providing lots of giggles, whilst raising much needed funds.

Samir Patel, chief executive of Comic Relief, added: “We’re all blown away by your incredible fundraising for Comic Relief and I wanted to send a very special thank you. At Comic Relief, we believe in the power of laughter and positive change, and we deeply appreciate those who embody the spirit of making a lasting difference to the lives of others. 

“Your outstanding contributions have not gone unnoticed by myself and everyone at Comic Relief HQ and Lenny himself.  We laughed as we watched the Nick and Royston video, we shivered during the ‘Very Cold Water Sing and Swim’ and tapped our feet watching choirs around the UK sing their hearts out for Red Nose Day.”

Caroline Redman Lusher, creator of Rock Choir, continued: “It’s been a joy and a privilege to support Comic Relief for over a decade now. We are also extremely proud to have become an official fundraising partner. 

“Each year we create exciting and innovative ideas and events to fundraise for this amazing charity. To date we have organised unusual performances, flash mobs, a range of community events and even braved singing in the sea! Each fundraising event or performance is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s faces!

“I’m always so proud of my team and everyone who takes part in Rock Choir. We come together each year to fundraise and as one-choir have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for Comic Relief."

The Rock Choir is the winner of the Red Ribbon ‘Big Heart’ Award and recognised as being intrinsically generous and passion.

It is the largest contemporary choir in the world with more than 30,000 members. It was established in 2005 by award-winning musician, Caroline Redman Lusher and is the pioneering contemporary choir of the UK and remains unique with members participating in approximately 400 local communities across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It offers all ages an alternative experience to the traditional classical or community choir introducing members to feel-good pop, rock and contemporary chart songs. 

The Rock Choir Team consists of more than 120 individuals including 80 professional musicians and performers, The Rock Choir Leaders, who each deliver weekly Rock Choir rehearsals in their own local communities. 

Rock Choir has appeared on many TV and Radio shows including The One Show, Britain's Got Talent, Good Morning Britain, This Morning, BBC Breakfast, Sky News, Radio 2's Michael Ball Show, Clare Balding’s Good Morning Sunday, ITV News, Channel 5 News, Steph’s Packed Lunch and many more.

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