A TEACHER who rugby tackled an armed man to the ground as he tried to evade police has been given an award for his bravery.

Ryan Hammond was on his way back from visiting family in Plymouth when he saw a lone female police officer attempting to prevent a suspect from getting away.

He was able to rugby tackle the man to the ground, roll him over and put his hands behind his back.

As PC Weston handcuffed the offender she asked Mr Hammond to remove the man’s weapon. It was only then that he realised the man had been carrying a large machete – and could have posed a significant threat to the community.

The suspect was also later found to be carrying an imitation pistol and a knife.

Mr Hammond, who is a Head of Year and teaches PE at Callington, was presented with a Chief Superintendent’s Commendation at a recent ceremony in Plymouth.

An award was also presented to 17-year-old Niamh Taylor-May, who had been involved in the same incident just before Mr Hammond.

The scene had unfolded after PC Weston and her colleague, who had been on patrol in Stonehouse, approached two men behaving suspiciously.

The men separated and ran: one was apprehended but resisted violently, attempting to strangle the other officer.

He got away, but was tackled by Niamh, giving the officer time to use incapacitant spray.

The young man’s courageous efforts and the effects of the spray briefly stopped the offender, but he was able to break away and jump over a nearby wall.

It was here that Mr Hammond became involved.

Chief Superintendent Matt Longman said “Niamh and Ryan were all awarded the Commendation award due to their brave efforts to help the police.

“We are so grateful for Niamh and Ryan’s selflessness to come and support the police in very challenging and frightening circumstances.

“As a result of their efforts, we were able to seize dangerous weapons and bring another criminal to justice.”