Bowls - Mixed Friendly

Liskeard v Totnes

At Totnes on Sunday, won by Totnes by three shots, 107-104. Closely contested match won by Totnes by three shots under excellent conditions. Scores - (Liskeard first) J Tamblyn, J Whetter, S Isbell and B James lost to P Hallet, D Rodwell, A Coulson and B Rodwell 11-24. V Libby, G Libby, J Paine and G Paine lost to R Tress, J Rushton, I Taylor and P Leo 15-23. A Blackwell, R Metherell, R Barrett and I Barrett lost to C Slone, L Rushton, A Minton and A Bearne 16-18. D Hargreaves, R Bourne, F Turner and D Turner lost to V Spearing, C Dinnick, E Cooper and B Lias 17-18. V Pacey, J Parsons, S Parsons and R Pacey beat I Leo, D Gavanda, F Lock and J Taylor 19-14. Jo Dingle, E Prynn, Ja Dingle and B Lewis beat T Gavanda, D Harvey, R Spearing and R Lock by 26-10.