The waters of Polperro were awash with colourful scales as two mermaids swam their way into the harbour for a day of cocktails, arts, crafts and a meet and greet.

Mischief and Tinks from the Cornish Merpod, a group of mermaid performers, swam onto the shores and on Sunday, May 28, and were welcomed at Coffee Cake Create and Lesa Welch arts.

Whilst there they delighted children (and some adults) in a program of activities including story time and questions and answers. The program focused on the mystery of mermaids in addition to important issues such as working together, being positive and keeping our seas and beaches clean and tidy. Children were given keepsake whisper shells to decorate and mermaid freckles (glitter face paint).

Mischief, one of the mermaids commented: “The little two leggers were so friendly and kind, we enjoyed telling them stories. We loved our ride down to the harbour and the extremely ansum fellas who helped return us our home. The whole day was ‘Mermazing’, thanks Lesa for hosting us and we look forward to coming back to Polperro next year for a whole bank holiday weekend of fun.”

Lesa Welch from Lesa Welch arts explained: “Adults were of course not left out and during this time we’re able to relax in Coffee Cake Creates wonderful space enjoying various cocktails, drinks and chilling on the sofas.”

The event coincided with the launch of a new range of items from Lesa Welch arts, including hoodies, tee shirts and unique Lino prints and artwork. Lesa works alongside Coffee Cake Create to host creative workshops to visitors and residents for a range of ages such as wave painting, pizza paint and pint parties and ocean resin classes.

“Once story telling had finished the mermaids were whisked away. Thanks to Paul Butters, for a thrilling ride on the Polperro luggage taxis quad bike, also thanks to some extremely willing two-legged male volunteers who helped release the mermaids into the water!” Lesa continued. “It was as though the beach came alive with onlookers, the mermaids spent over an hour swimming with the children, posing for photographs, demonstrating how to tail flip, frolicking in the shallows, and once again spoke to the children about protecting the oceans.”

In the evening everyone returned to Coffee Cake Create and enjoyed a mermaid gin cocktail and food.

Holly Reilly, a local resident who attended the event, said: “My daughter was absolutely mesmerised and has not stopped talking about it since- thank you so much for organising this, core memory unlocked”

Jo Miller, owner of Jo Jo & Co, added: “Such a lovely thing for the village and so well organised. The gallery was set up like a beautiful underwater grotto. The mermaids were engaging the children with local legends and tall tales from under the sea and getting mermaid freckles aka glitter face paint. I could hear the squeals of excitement in my shop next door, it was lovely. I couldn’t believe how many people were on the beach to see the Mermaids swimming, it was a fantastic family day!

Lesa Welch Arts is looking to make this an annual event for the Polperro calendar, making bank holiday weekend in May half term Polperro the place to be for everything mermaid.

For more information contact [email protected] or keep an eye on Lesa Welch Arts’ Facebook pages.