Pedestrians had a lucky escape after a car slipped its handbrake and rolled across a road, down an embankment and onto a beach.

Looe’s Coastguard were out on a training exercise when they were called to help members of the public at Marine Drive, Hannafore.

’Fortunately the vehicle was without passengers as it rolled onto the beach, luckily missing parked cars, the public and the Looe Pioneers who were out running,’ said a Coastguard spokesperson.

Looe Fire Brigade also attended the scene, making sure that the battery was disconnected and that there would be no contamination of the beach and sea.

The vehicle had been parked on a private driveway before the incident, said the Coastguard, and had come to rest above the high water mark.

The vehicle was recovered by crane the following day.

’Great team work with the Fire and Rescue Service and Looe Coastguard made sure the public were safe and ensured the owner was ok,’ said the Coastguard.

’We’re always here if needed, whatever the situation on our coast, so don’t ever worry about calling us out.’