By Nigel Doble

AS THE end of the season approaches, the battle between the respective Liskeard and District Snooker League and their St Blazey counterparts got underway at St Neot Social Club on Friday, April 12.

Liskeard flew into a 4-0 lead that had Steve Courts cracking in a 37 against Andy Peers, while on the other table Mark Hembry was on top form knocking in breaks of 45 and 33 against Keith Moore in his 2-0 success.

However the tide changed with Jason Cocks beating Andy Honey 2-0, which was the same score team-mate Gary Stephens, who was helped by Matt Vessey fouling on the final black, beat his opponent.

Andy Best then beat Liskeard’s top player Andrew Pearce despite Pearce hitting a 30 break to go 5-4 up, but in their second frame the gods were on Andrew’s side as he fluked the final black in which Tony Farrant also did the same in his match against Gary Spencer.

Then on the match table, Darren Lock produced the highest break of the night with a 54 in defeating Mark Ashton 2-0 to seal the match for the Liskeard League 8-5, although Spencer reduced the arrears to two after a final frame 36 against Farrant for the second draw of the evening.

The scores were: Steve Courts 2 Andy Peers 0 (69-26 including a 37 break) and (77-31); Mark Hembry 2 Keith Moore 0 (80-6 including a 45 break and 72-15 including a 33 break); Andy Honey 0 Jason Cocks 2 (16-52 and 23-63); Matt Vessey 0 Gary Stephens 2 (51-60 and 33-61); Andrew Pearce 1 Andrew Best 1 (54-69 including a 30 break from Pearce and 60-52); Darren Lock 2 Mark Ashton 0 (63-16 and 79-0 including a 54 break); Tony Farrant 1 Gary Spencer 1 (59-57 and 34-63 including a 36 break).