DESPITE a strong first-half performance from the home team, Caradon Fourths couldn’t secure the scoreline they deserved against the experienced Duchy Seconds as they went down 3-0 at home to Duchy Seconds in Trelawney Division Two of the West Hockey League last weekend.. 

The weather held up, providing a pleasant, crisp backdrop for an enjoyable game.

Numerous penalty corners, both long and short, resulted from Caradon fouls, with only one finding its way into the Caradon net. 

Despite a disallowed goal from Amy White, courtesy of an umpire’s keen eye on a well-spotted foul, there was a moment of celebration after a fantastic build-up from joint Players of the Match  Pippa Hedley and Amy White. As Duchy gained momentum in the second half, Jessie Eldridge manned the centre of the pitch well and the defensive prowess of Debs Johns, Rach Quick, and Georgia Hall kept the home goal protected, saving many shots with swift stickwork. 

Despite the result, the team showcased resilience and determination throughout the game and a tied score would’ve felt more fitting. 

Unfortunately, the well-deserved goals eluded the Caradon ladies, but the match provided an enjoyable game before the Christmas break. 

Caradon Men’s first team faced a depleted Ashmoor squad, securing a commanding 15-0 victory in Men's Division Two South. 

Determined not to leave anything to chance, Caradon set to work early, with several early attempts at goal paving the way for a dominant performance.

The deadlock was broken by David Fasey’s strike, igniting a goalscoring spree for Caradon. 

Tyler Walsh contributed to the tally with the second goal, while Chris Fasey showcased his individual skills with two solo efforts. 

The first half reached its peak with Ben Reynolds securing a first-half hat-trick.

Goalkeeper Dan Harris played a crucial role at the other end of the pitch, thwarting a couple of breakaway attacks. 

Heading into half-time with a commanding 7-0 lead, Caradon showcased their offensive prowess and defensive resilience.

The second half continued in the same vein, with Drew Champion adding his name to the score sheet and Walsh netting his second. 

Despite the efforts of the Ashmoor keeper, Caradon continued their relentless scoring. 

David Fasey secured his second goal. Both Evan and Neil Spencer also picked up one apiece, while Chris Fasey completed his hat-trick.

Before the final whistle, Ollie Dinnis deftly deflected a short corner in a well-executed routine, and Harrison Pollard scored the final goal of the game, sealing a resounding 15-0 victory for Caradon.

As the Christmas break approaches, Caradon sit comfortably in third place in the table with an impressive positive 40 goal difference.