Last week was polling day for many different elections but here in Cornwall we were voting for our Police and Crime Commissioner. I am pleased to report that Alison Hernandez, the Conservative candidate, was elected for a third term.   

Alison has proved herself as an effective public servant and the fact that she was re-elected on what was a difficult day for the Conservatives reflects this.  

I would like to thank all my constituents who gave their support to Alison and look forward to continuing to work with her going forward.  

In a statement Alison said: “I am delighted to be asked by residents of Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly to serve another term.  Much has been achieved since I was first elected to office in 2016 but there remains more to be done. Policing has changed and the threats to our safety and security have developed over the years.  I want to ensure our communities feel that the police are by their side, care about the things they care about and are motivated and resourced to tackle the problems they experience.”

On Sunday, May 12 is the first National Fishing Remembrance Day and I will be laying a wreath in Looe at the memorial to those who died while bringing food to our table. The short service will take place just outside The Catch on East Looe Quay at 4.30pm.  

Having lost a husband in an accident on his fishing boat this act of remembrance is an opportunity to raise awareness of the dangers of fishing as a profession to a wider audience and to remember those who have lost their lives at sea.  

I have been working with the government to try and highlight the dangers and bring in a safer workplace.  

I am grateful to the Fisheries Minister Mark Spencer who said of the day: “Our fishermen not only help to feed the nation, but are at the heart of communities around our coastline. National Fishing Remembrance Day will give loved ones, coastal communities and the wider public a chance to commemorate the lives lost at sea and pay tribute to their valuable service. 

“The bravery of fishermen and the hard labour they endure day to day must not go unrecognised, and while we take this moment to pause and remember those who have been lost, it’s important that we continue to work to improve the safety of those working at sea so fewer families have to go through such distress in the future.”

Last week in Parliament it was good that one of my constituents was able to attend a meeting of Parliament’s Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee in Parliament.  He attended a private event with producers where he discussed a new seaweed additive product designed to reduce ammonia levels as well as other great benefits to not just the environment but also the animals.  

This week in Parliament I hope to have had an Adjournment Debate on Tamar Tolls which I know is so important to so many people.