Here's the weekend weather forecast for South East Cornwall.

Overall, nothing too exciting. The weather will be mostly dry with some clouds making their way over at times. The temperatures will be mild.

This afternoon it will brighten up as the skies begin to clear from a rather grey and murky morning following some light rain overnight. Temperatures will reach around 15 degrees at 6 pm, although it might stay cooler in some coastal areas where the mist may linger.

Tomorrow will stay cloudy throughout most of the day. The sun might peek out at around 12 pm if we're lucky, with temperatures of around 14 degrees, nothing too tropical. There will be a 50% chance of precipitation at 11 pm, with some light showers that could become heavy.

Sunday, don't forget your umbrella because, you've guessed it, the weather will be overcast for most of the day before changing to heavy showers around lunchtime. Between 1 pm and 7 pm expect rain with temperatures of 12 to 14 degrees.

And lastly Monday; May Day aka a historic day of celebrations welcoming a change of season. So whether you are dancing around the May Pole or being crowned May Queen make sure to pack your sunnies as the sun will return. The day will be overcast before changing to sunny intervals by the early evening. It will feel brighter, drier, and slightly warmer as temperatures reach 15 degrees.