Last week I attended the funeral of Edwina Hannaford who served as a councillor both on Cornwall Council and Looe Town Council.

She also served with me on Caradon District Council from 2003 until it was abolished in 2009.

We both were first elected in 2003 and I remember meeting the then newly elected then Independent councillor for Looe at our induction for the council.

It was heart warming to hear of the many people she had helped in her over 20 years as a councillor.

We heard eulogies from her husband Simon, the neighbouring councillor for Looe Armand Toms, her friend Sheila and her niece Abbi.

This is never any easy thing to do. My condolences to her husband Simon, her family and her many friends.

Last Monday I met with Mark Spencer MP, the Fisheries Minister, regarding the situation with catching pollack. He informed me that he had found a way of compensating a few fishermen that mainly catch pollack and that they do so by line. Whilst I welcomed this small concession it will not help many of the fishermen affected in the South West and I pushed him to do more making it clear that many fishermen were going to suffer with the zero take rule on pollack.

Last Tuesday I attended Parliament’s Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee on which I sit. The topic last week was flooding and we took evidence from a number of interested parties including the Environment Agency, National Flood Forum, Nature Friendly Farming Network and the Local Government Association. I was able to raise some of the flooding issues we have had in South East Cornwall so that this information could be added into the report to the government.

Last Wednesday I chaired the Licensing Hours Extensions Bill. The idea behind the bill is that it will make it easier to extend licensing hours if, for example, a UK sports teams reaches a major final and the Government wants to extend licensing hours at short notice. This will save valuable Parliamentary time as the government will not have to come to Parliament every time it wants to make a temporary amendment to existing licensing laws.

On Saturday I knocked on doors in Cargreen with my team. I would like to thank these volunteers for their help. I would like to thank the people of Cargreen for their feedback in particular about the lack of public transport which I will raise.

If anyone for anywhere in South East Cornwall would like to raise an issue with me then you can do so by emailing me directly at [email protected] or by ringing my office on 01579 344428 or by writing to Office of Sheryll Murray MP, The Parade, Liskeard PL14 6AF.

On Sunday I attended the Liskeard Civic Service held at the Wesley Methodist Church. It was good to see so many people at the service from many different organisations in what was very wet weather.

I was able to catch up with Cornwall councillor Jane Pascoe along with many others. It was good to see the community of Liskeard coming together.